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Genius Pipe Carb Cap

by Genius Pipe
$ 14.95

The Genius Pipe Has an Equally Convenient Carb Cap/Dabber Combo

The Genius Carb Cap from Genius Pipe is an all-in-one titanium dabber and carb cap designed to meet the quality and high performance of the Genius Taster nail. Honed from high quality titanium II, this is a rugged dabbing accessory perfect for travel. After you've used the Genius Taster to turn your Genius Pipe into a portable dab pipe, the dab tool attached to this carb cap will help you collect your wax. Then, simply use the carb cap for improved airflow control and the most efficient use of your concentrates. The Genius Carb Cap is manually polished and cleaned with medical grade ultrasound equipment, achieving the quality you've come to expect from the Genius Pipe brand. 

  • Designed for use with the Genius Taster nail
  • Titanium II material
  • Manually polished
  • Cleaned with medical grade ultrasound equipment