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Gabereal Glass Bubbler 14mm Wax Rig

by Gabereal Glass
$ 725.00

GEverything You Could Want From a Bubbler Rig. Literally Everything. 

Gabereal Glass pulls out all of the stops for this Bubbler-Style Wax Rig. Who says less is more? This is the dab rig for those of us who think more is more! Featuring a trio of trippy, decorative marbles, thick silver and gold fuming at the base, a UV-reactive neck and removable fumed downstem, this color-changing bubbler rig offers details that you can get lost in. 

  • Color-changing wax rig
  • 19mm removable fumed downstem 
  • Thick silver and gold fuming at the base
  • Decorative dichro marble, space marble and fumicello section
  • UV neck 

Instagram: @Gaberealglass/@stizle