Fluid Glass Honey Sucker Wax Pipe – Green w/ Marble

by Fluid Glass
$ 120.00

A Dab Rig for Busy Bees Who Need a Break

The Honey Sucker Wax Pipe from Fluid Glass features a distinctive green marbled perc at its heart that irons out even the rawest of dab hits. The stacked-style dab rig culminates in a slightly angled mouthpiece so you can hit it in comfort. The included bowl piece features a matching green glass handle. Carefully crafted from top quality heat-resistant borosilicate, the Honey Sucker Wax Rig is a solid reminder of all the times that life is sweet. 

  • High quality heat-resistant borosilicate
  • Built-in perc for smoother hits
  • Pivoted mouthpiece for more comfortable hits
  • Matching bowl piece included