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Evan Shore Truth Tech Banger - Male 10mm

by Evan Shore
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$ 250.00
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A Hypnotic Way to Upgrade Your Wax Rig

It’s easy to get lost in the kaleidoscopic patterns and colors of the Evan Shore Truth Tech Banger. These 10mm male quartz bangers use artisanal techniques to add intricate, vibrant patterns within the thick walls of the banger itself. Those thick walls don’t just look incredible; they also retain heat beautifully. The Truth Tech quartz banger features a beveled lip for optimal bubble cap use as well as a flared bottom to reduce occurrences of splashing. (If you really want the ultimate sensory experience, try it with an Evan Shore Black Trichocereus Bubble Cap!) Offering a visual flare worthy of any dab rig, the Evan Shore Truth Tech Banger really brings your aesthetic to a higher level.

NOTE: The Trichocereus model has a 90° angle while the Goyardish model has a 45° angle.

  • Artisanal glass craftsmanship for a truly unique effect
  • Thick wall for heat retention
  • Beveled lip for reliable bubble cap use
  • Flared bottom to reduce splash