Evan Shore Tree Fiddy Dab Rig

by Evan Shore
$ 350.00
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Putting the Tiddy in Tree Fiddy

When Evan Shore designs a wax rig, you know it’s got our attention. The Evan Shore Tree Fiddy Rig takes the quality you love from the Evan Shore brand and applies it to a simple dab rig that delivers the goods and then some. A conical perc built right into the chamber keeps those powerful puffs silky smooth. But the Tree Fiddy Wax Rig has more than a winning personality. It has a nice rack too and by that, we mean it includes it’s very own Evan Shore Titty Banger, the perfect complement to the included bubble plug carb cap.

  • Wax rig designed by Evan Shore
  • Includes an authentic Evan Shore Titty Banger
  • Includes a bubble plug carb cap
  • Choose from 10mm and 14mm joint sizes