Empire Rolling Papers Benny Box

by Empire Rolling
$ 10.99
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You may be used to burning Bennys but these Empire rolling papers take it to a new level of decadence. Roll one using these Empire papers designed to look like $100 bills while you’re basking in luxury. These high-quality joint papers use an organic proprietary sugar glue for a reliable seal, leaving you to just focus on appreciating your smoke. Whether you’re celebrating, vacationing, or you’re just the type of person that likes to roll up with Bennys on the regular, these Empire papers are perfect for enjoying the upper echelons of high society.

+ 24 Packs (240 Papers) of Ultra Luxurious Empire $100 Dollar Bill Rolling Benny's
+ Each Note is "Empire Size" 4.2 Inches Long. 
+ Does not contain tobacco or nicotine. 
+ Lick to Seal Organic Proprietary Sugar Glue 
+ The World's Most Luxurious Rolling Papers 
+ Luxury Papers Wallet To Store Your Papers. 
+ Ultra Limited Quantities. 

Perfect for events, celebrations or just another day. Guaranteed to be the most high quality luxury rolling paper experience.