Empire Glassworks Banger Cap - Star Destroyer

by Empire Glassworks
$ 28.00

Help Us Dab Nation, You're Our Only Hope

Empire Glassworks banger carb caps are hand crafted with a unique look. The Star Destroyer Carb Cap is made of 100% quartz glass blown in California. While it fits all banger sizes, the best fit is on a 4mm thick banger.

Carb caps are essential to optimizing air flow for the diffusion of rosin or other concentrates. The hollow cylinder will direct air into the place you dropped your dab spreading it against the hot surface helping to vape it completely.

Carp Cap Features:

  • High Quality Quartz Glass
  • 1.75" in Height - 1.37" Diameter
  • Themed Carb Cap
  • Worked Glass
  • Nifty Handle