DividerPro Slabtainer 9" x 8" X-Large 2 Spaces

by Divider Pro
$ 80.00
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Keep the Slab

The Slabtainer is perfect for transporting slabs where you don’t have to break it up to fit in small containers. Always platinum-cured, medical grade silicone for the safest way to store concentrates. 

This medical grade silicone container provides a safe storage environment for your concentrates. Featuring a large containment area and a narrow area for tools. Our small Slabtainer has an airtight seal and comes with the DividerPro logo on the lid.

Products Features:

  • Size: 9" X 8"
  • Number of Spaces: 2 - (1 Large & 1 Narrow
  • Material: Medical Grade, Non-Stick Silicone - No Leeching