Dime Bags: Hip Hugger Waist Stash Bag

by Dab Nation Retail
$ 27.00
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Festival season? This gal and her festie bestie the Fanny Pack party year round.

When it’s 5 a.m. at a sunrise set and you’re contemplating your entire existence, let the Hip Hugger worry about where your phone, keys, and wallet are. A purse just isn’t an option when you’re 3 hits deep at a festival in the jungle. You need a Fanny Pack that can keep up with your questionable lifestyle, and the Hip Hugger will do just that (without judgment). This baby stays right by your side so you can do whatever it is that goes on at “The Heart-Centric Transformational 3 Day Rebirth in the Forest,” and still wake up with with the essentials by your side. With a hidden pocket on the interior side of the bag, you can keep your “totally not the reason I go to these things but also totally the reason I go to these things” safe and sound. With 3 total pockets you’ll have plenty of room for your healing crystals and essential oils. Just don’t trade your Hip Hugger for a grilled cheese or you’ll never need another festival bag again.
  • Hidden stash pocket with 3 pockets total