Dime Bags: Fanny Pack Waist Stash Bag

by Dab Nation Retail
$ 35.00
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This isn’t your momma’s Fanny Pack, but she would totally dig it.

Meet your new on-the-go best friend. The Fanny Pack is making a comeback, this time with our signature Hempster material and so much storage you’ll wonder how you lived without it. This baby’s for everyone. With dual adjustable straps and a heavy duty buckle, your hip pack is sure to stay in place during your on-the-go adventures. Unlike the fanny packs from the 80s, this guy fits all your modern necessities, including that latest iPhone or Android model. Wear it loud and wear it proud, the Fanny Pack is back and here to stay.

  • Fanny pack-style stash bag
  • Dual adjustable straps
  • Heavy duty buckle