Dime Bags: 7" Omerta "Boss With A Lock" Smell Proof Bag

by Dab Nation Retail
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$ 30.00

You can drive your grams to the doc without worrying about her asking when you hit a skunk.

Stash bags are usually so focused on business that they completely forget about style. But this is a community and, we don't know about you, but when we walk out our front doors, we want to look good. Dime Bags deliver on that promise, offering stylish stash bags that keep things discreet. This 7" Omerta "Boss with a Lock" Smell Proof Bag provides you with plenty of space for your stash and gear without giving away the game so you can hop on the train, city bus, catch a Lyft or walk down the street without tipping everyone off that you've got that loud. 

  • Smell proof bag with Omerta brand technology