Dank Fung Extracts 510 Adapter (Male to Female Conversion)

by Dank Fung Extracts
$ 6.99
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Vape Without Restriction

Ever had that excruciating experience of not being able to use your best 510 thread battery with your new vape cart because the genders aren’t compatible? Now, with the Dank Fung Extracts 510 Male to Female Adapter, you can mix brands without running into frustration. This 510-thread adapter provides the external threading that some other parts manufacturers require. When you’re vaping, you want no limits. Enjoy a customized vaping experience with no compromise by always keeping the Dank Fung Male to Female Adapter for 510 thread vape pens at your side.



Can be used with our DELUXE Vape Pen or our Connoisseur Vape Pen.