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Clipper® Raw®

by Clipper
$ 5.99

Raw x Clipper Lighter 

These lighters feature the red RAW logo on them that you know and love printed on a tan base. 

The lighter has a removable strike wheel to replace the flint, as well as to use as a poker for pre-rolls and bowls. There is also a flame adjust wheel on the bottom of the lighter so you can alter the flame for the perfect light for any need. Inside the flame adjust wheel there is a space where you can refill the lighter with butane, a more economic and environmentally friendly way to continue to light.

Try a clipper and you'll never go back. 


  • Refillable Butane Lighter
  • Replaceable Flint
  • Unlimited Lifespan
  • Removable Poker Tool
  • Saves You Money
  • Complies to and Exceeds ISO9994
  • Contain Only Top Quality Isobutane Gas
  • Won't Break or Explode Like Cheap Lighters