Clipper® Icy Blue

by Clipper
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Clipper® Icy Blue Metal

Clipper Lighters are a money saver, nature saver and safe for you. Clipper's tank provides double gas capacity than a low quality lighter and they are refillable with an unlimited lifespan. Clippers will save you money; it costs 90% less to refill a lighter rather than buying a new one.

Flints are not only replaceable but incorporate the best and most exclusive child resistant system of any lighter. The Clipper flint can be removed and used as a poker tool for your pre-roll or bowl.

Try a Clipper and You'll Never Go Back.


  • Available in Hundreds of Unique Designs
  • Refillable Butane Lighter
  • Replaceable Flint
  • Unlimited Lifespan
  • Removable Poker Tool
  • Saves You Money