Chachie Rodriguez: 14mm Dab Chali - Plantphibian x Crushed Opal 6pc Set

by Chachi Rodriguez
$ 500.00

Move Over Diamonds the Opals are Here!

This Chachie Glass Chali will never leave the hand of those that pick it up. Ergonomics in mind, the size and shape of this dab rig are perfect for any hand and the mouth piece angled toward the user allows for easy dabs. Featuring a Crushed Opal worked mid-section, this dab rig will leave anyone who stares into it mesmerized for their sesh. This one-of-a-kind wax rig is the perfect on-the-go piece with its deconstructed style featuring two straws and removable downstems for concentrates and flower.

  • 14mm joint size
  • Includes: bubble cap, concentrate downstem, flower downstem, two removable mouth pieces