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Focus V Carta Atomizer Repair Kit

by Focus V
Sold out
$ 18.50

Every Atomizer Deserves a Second Chance

Find second life for your Focus V Carta atomizer with this handy Atomizer Repair Kit. Even quality Focus V atomizers have to go sometimes, but you can breathe new life into your Carta’s atomizer for a fraction of the cost of a new atty. The Focus V Atomizer Repair Kit gives you everything you need to perform an emergency resurrection of your atomizer including wire shears, wire connections, and tweezers, all presented beautifully in an orderly nylon carrying case. Everything is kept snugly in its right place with a protective plastic tube for the wire connections and nylon bands keeping your tools secure. Now, thanks to the simple and straightforward Focus V Atomizer Repair Kit, a failing atomizer is just a brief hiccup.


  • Wire Shears
  • Tweezers
  • Replacement Wire Connections
  • Nylon Carrying Case