Camper Glass Tripod Wax Rig- Yellow with Chip Stack - 10mm, 90°

by Camper Glass
$ 600.00

Three's Company

The Camper Glass Tripod Wax Rig uses three bulbous feet to always stand firm and stable... we wish we could say the same for you, because you're bound to stumble when you take a staggering hit from this potent little puffer. A serpentine Sherlock style mouthpiece rises from the chamber into a 90° angle, putting some distance between you and the hot dab nail or banger. Intricate chip stack decoration saturates the midsection of the chamber while the rest of this vibrant rig glows with a sunny yellow. 

  • Stable tripod-style wax rig
  • Ornate chip stack decoration
  • 10mm joint size
  • 90° neck angle