Camper Glass - Mini Tube Wax Rig- Amber with Rainbow - 10mm, 45°

by Camper Glass
$ 600.00

Just Follow the Yellow Brick Road

We haven't seen so much rainbow-and-ruby action since The Wizard of Oz and one hit from this Mini Tube Wax Rig from Camper Glass will make you feel like your over the rainbow and off to see the wizard. This mini dab rig features a bulbous, stabilizing base that rises to an ample chamber that serves up potent puffs of clouds from a 45° telescoping neck. The midsection is saturated with a mesmerizing rainbow decoration while the rest of this rig is a deep, moody red, capturing our passion for all things concentrated. 

  • Tube-style mini dab rig
  • Amber glass
  • Intricate rainbow section
  • 10mm joint size
  • 45° neck angle