Byron Kiernan "Stoned Coyote" Mini Dab Rig - 10mm, 45°

by Byron Kiernan
$ 800.00

Don't Worry This Isn't an Acme Brand Dab Rig...

The "Stoned Coyote" Mini Dab Rig from Byron Kiernan finds a rather lifted cartoon coyote plastered across UV glass at the stem and again on a decorative glass shield. A joint-jawed roadrunner hides at the base. Even if all of your devious desert schemes end up disastrous, you can at least count on the hits from this mini wax rig going down smooth thanks to the downstem. And best of all, you don't need to paint a tunnel on the side of a mountain to get your hands on this dab rig... we've got it right here! 

  • UV-reactive glass
  • Smooth hits courtesy of downstem perc
  • 10mm joint size
  • 45° neck angle