Bubble Cap Donuts Terp Turtles (Terp Pearl Holder)

by Bubble Cap Donuts
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$ 20.00

Where Terp Pearls Rest After a Hard Day’s Work

From the creative minds at Bubble Cap Donuts comes the Terp Turtle; a glass turtle-shaped holder for your terp pearls. Even when you’re using a dab mat, it can be tough to find the right place to put your terp pearls. Now, there’s no need to risk losing them or gunking them up with filthy debris. The Terp Turtle Terp Pearl Holder is a space efficient little guy, but can hold two terp pearls comfortably. Terp Turtle Terp Pearl: say that 3 times fast!

  • Glass cradle for up to 2 terp pearls
  • Keeps terp pearls secure and free from debris