Bubble Cap Donuts Lego Block Holder for Dab Tools and Terp Pearls

by Bubble Cap Donuts
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$ 60.00

Lego My Dab Tool

Legos offer the building blocks for a world of possibilities, but they’ve probably never been used to organize your sesh… until now. The Lego Block Dab Tool Holder from Bubble Cap Donuts presents a Lego-shaped glass holder for those sticky dab tools and even offers cradle spaces for your terp pearls. Even when you’re working with a dab mat, a sudden pile-up of dabbers and terp pearls can be an inconvenient situation. The Lego Block Dab Tool Holder adds order to your sesh so you can focus on more important things… like fully enjoying each hit.

  • Glass bar-style cradle for up to dab tools and terp pearls
  • Keeps dab tools and terp pearls secure and free from debris