Be Lit Premium Soy Candles, The Strain Collection 8/Pack

by Be Lit Brand
$ 120.00

Be Lit Strain Collection, 8/Pack - Premium Soy Candles

Escape and Enjoy with these premium soy candles, Made in the USA
Each candle has a 55+ Hour Burn Time and is a 10oz Pour in a 7oz Jar

Inspired by your favorite strains from around the world
Each case comes with 1 each of the following candles:

+  NYC Sour Diesel: Fresh, tart & cheeky with a perfume of that amateur model you keep asking out on dates.
+  Super Lemon Haze: A supreme mixture of simple syrup & freshly squeezed lemons over ice. Ahhh.
+  Grand Daddy Purp: As fruity and funky as a new scratch & sniff sticker!
+  Girl Scout Cookies: Freshly made spice cookies packed in a tupperware, still warm to the touch, for that "special" bake sale... you know the one.
+  Skywalker OG: Clean, powerful, with a hint of adventure and a whiff of the open air.
+  Maui Wowie: Take a trip to the big island - aromatic and lush with a hint of the salty breeze.
+  Bubba Kush: The waft of Nag Champa from your favorite local smoke shop on a Sunday afternoon.
+  Trainwreck: The scent of floral tree waving in the wind as a summer storm builds up to a boil.