Blazer® Firefox Torch

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Impressive Flame

The Blazer butane torch is refillable, compact (7oz., 4.5" tall), and is suitable for general use, plus on the go lighting for your banger. This torch has a piezoelectric ignition system that requires no electrical connection. It provides a 2,500 degrees F, wind-resistant, blue flame for precision. This model will burn for approximately 20 minutes when the fuel chamber is full, and has a lock that enables continuous operation. It has a child-resistant trigger mechanism for safety.

Product Specs:

  • Flame features 2,500 degrees F, wind-resistant, blue
  • Uses Lighter, hobbies, maintenance, laboratory, culinary
  • Fuel Butane, refillable
  • Burn time 20 minutes
  • Trigger features Child safety mechanism, lock for continuous use
  • Weight 7oz.
  • Dimensions 4.5" tall