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Bernzomatic Hose Torch

by Bernzomatic
$ 64.99

For Accessibility and Mobility 

Easily access hard-to-reach soldering and brazing jobs with the BZ8250HT Hose Torch. Features a hose for maximum accessibility, an instant trigger on/off for easy ignition and run-lock button for continuous use. Optimized swirl flame provides hot, efficient heat and fast soldering times. Ideal for high heat applications in tough to reach spaces. With a 5 foot hose, the torch provides the user with maximum reach to make any job easier. The kit comes with the torch and attached 5 ft hose as well as belt holder for the fuel. With the fuel being attached to your belt, the weight of the torch in your hand is significantly reduced making repetitive use and over head work significantly easier and reduces fatigue.

Lighter Features: 

  • Auto Start / Stop ignition
  • Swirl Flame
  • Durable Stainless Steel Burn Tube
  • Pressure Regulated
  • Adjustable Flame Control
  • Run-Lock Button
  • Fuel Holster