Bee-Nails Alpine Worker E Nail

by Bee-Nails
$ 180.00

Control the Torch. 

The Alpine Worker Bee-Nail is the ideal choice for the dabbing connoisseur that already has a rig and a nail for e-nails.

These new type of electronic nails, or as they are more commonly known e-nail, is a great new type of vaporizer device that has the right temperature to vaporize the concentrate in the device. These e-nail sets for dabs are great to use because they offer all of the items that you need in one place. These trendy and innovative sets will stay hot when you need it most and won’t need to be reheated with a torch. When you heat up the e-nail, it will stay hot as you use it. Many other dab sets will struggle with keeping the temperature toasty and are even dangerous if you leave them lying down. Our e-nail sets are safe, consistent, and easy to use, which is just like we know you want them. 

Items Included: 

  • Bee-Nails Magnetic Carrying Case
  • User Manual
  • Bee-Nails Digital Temperature Control Box with Dual USB Ports
  • Coil Option 1: 20mm Kevlar Wrapped Heating Coil (5 Feet)
  • Coil Option 2: Flat Kevlar Wrapped Heating Coil (5 Feet)
  • Power Cord (5 Feet)