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Banger Basket Iso Station - Green

by Banger Basket
$ 50.00
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Do you love taking dabs, but hate cleaning your nails?

Do you want cleaner nails faster, with less work involved?

Introducing the Banger Basket V3 with tabs!


-Sealable lid (great to keep the ISO smell down, and for traveling)

-Two compartment split container

-Two injection molded banger baskets (one for each side of the container)

-Banger baskets have dividing ridge so 2 nails can be in the soak section without touching

-Convenient handle to avoid getting hands dirty/sticky in the solution

-Baskets allow you to leave a nail in a compartment without getting scratched on the go

-Printed in Canada at LeGrow Creative Studios

How it works:

-Fill both sides of the bath with your preferred cleaning solution

-After your dab, place your dirty nail into the larger side (Soak Side) of the bath

-Make sure the nail is below 3000 F when you place it in the solution to avoid thermal shock

-After the nail has soaked, use the hand tab to pull the basket out of the cleaning solution

-The larger basket is designed to rest suspended above the bath when you rotate it 900 F

-Transfer your nail from the soak basket into the rinse basket

-Use a Q-tip to remove any access oil or particulates that may still be on your banger

-Once your nail is to your desired cleanliness, use a microfiber to wipe off the excess cleaning solution, and your nail is ready for its next dab

-Once the cleaning solution on the “rinse” side is too dirty, use a turkey baster to transfer the solution into the “soak” side