Augy Glass Serendipity Gil Recycler Rig

by Augy Glass
$ 750.00

Even When You See It, You Might Still Not Believe It

Augy Glass really pull out the stops with the Serendipity Gil Recycler Rig; a wax rig that looks like it was crafted on another planet. A big part of it’s otherworldly look comes down to its artful incorporation of Serendipity glass, an ever-shifting look achieved by double dipping the rig in Star White and then covering it with a layer of amber purple. It’s got to be seen to be believed. It also uses a gil recycler structure for a more condensed, towering appearance that makes it the kind of dab rig that instantly turns heads. Looking to add some character to your glass collection? Augy Glass has you covered with this recycler rig.

  • Gil recycler perc for smooth hits and a striking look
  • Serendipity glass coloring