Augy Glass Inline Donut Beaker Rig with Carb Cap - 14mm, 90°

by Augy Glass
$ 600.00

This Donut's Actually Good For You

The Augy Glass Inline Donut Beaker Wax Rig uses a solid and secure beaker pipe design as a launchpad for an experimental donut rig design. The deep red glass pathway diffuses your smoke for super smooth hits, aided by a built-in perc. Decorative glass knockers adorn this visually striking wax rig, making it a welcome addition to any glass collection. A matching carb cap stands as the cherry on top of this stunning beaker-style dab rig. 

  • Inline perc for smooth hits
  • Donut design aids in diffusion
  • Ample beaker base lends to stability and support
  • 14mm joint size
  • 90° neck angle