AkillArt Sandblasted Spoon Pipe - Choose From 5 Unique Designs

by Akillart Glass
$ 40.00
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A Refreshing Alternative to Glossy Spoon Pipes

Spoon pipes may be one of the most standard smoking designs on the scene but AkillArt proves they don’t have to be boring. These sandblasted spoon pipes almost look like ancient artifacts from a lost civilization, imbued with millennia of smoking ritual and lore. The sandblasted veneer of these borosilicate smoking pipes offers a refreshing alternative to the glossy surfaces so closely associated with the classic spoon pipe design. Instead, AkillArt offers something special in its rustic charm. Choose from a series of unique designs with cosmic patterns and rich colors.

  • Sandblasted glass veneer for a rustic aesthetic
  • Comfortable handling that makes the spoon pipe design a community standard
  • Choose from a series of one-of-a-kind designs