AkillArt Medallion Dab Rig- Black and Fume - 10mm 45°

by Akillart Glass
$ 170.00

Dropping Dabs in Deep Space

Dare to stare into the void with this sleek and mysterious Fumed Black Medallion Dab Rig from AkillArt. The bulbous mouthpiece presents the ethereal glow of a fumed implosion, adding to this wax rig's heavy mystique. Things in the void can get a little heavy, but this piece uses a 2-hole diffuser to keep the hits light and soothing. Don't ask for whom the rig calls... it calls for you! 

  • Medallion style wax rig
  • Contrasting lense with fumed implosion
  • 2-hole diffuser
  • 10mm joint size (fixed)
  • Approximately 4.5" height
  • Quartz banger not included