420 Expressions Bud Jewelry

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You’re Going to Get Some Looks

Flip Your Lid Over These Hat Pins

Turn any hat, tie, jacket, shirt and more into the cutting edge of herb apparel simply by adding one of these Bud Hat Pins from 420 Expressions. Looking like a nug of premium bud, these pins are actually just hyper realistic herb jewelry and cannot be smoked (no matter how badly you want to try). Each pin is unique, averaging between 1” to 2” in diameter. They’re an easy way to show your love and support for the 420 community and, of course, your favorite plant.

Hat Pin Specs:

  • Averages between 1” – 2” in diameter
  • Attaches to hats, ties, lapels, and more

Keep Your True Love Close to Your Heart

Keep your favorite plant close to your heart with this Bud Necklace from 420 Expressions. Fashioned to look like a bountiful nug, this provocative piece is bound to get you some doubletakes. This unisex necklace takes herb apparel to another level with its stunning realism. Perfect for festivals, raves, and canna-conventions, this herb necklace is a fashionable way to show your love for herb without compromise.

Necklace Specs:

  • 18” adjustable wax-coated nylon string
  • One size fits all