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Highly Educated 14mm Flux

by Highly Educated
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Versatile Titanium Nail 

The Flux Nail is the most affordable and one of the most functional nail series from Highly Educated. Designed to work with 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm vapor dome set ups, the Flux Nail was made to have the largest allowable diameter head  for the respective working joint sizes. A lip halfway down the Flux Nail body holds the Flux Nail in place as it rests on the male glass ground joint. This lip, in conjunction with a vapor dome, forces the vapor stream down the hollowed center shaft of the Flux Nail injecting it directly into the piece greatly reducing the amount of reclaim which would previously collect on the outside of the glass ground joint.

Keeping the joint clean prevents the vapor dome from sticking and keeps your hands clean while operating. The 10mm Flux Nail is only available in the Standard dish (flat) option.


When the least common denominator makes you the greatest common factor. The M-Class Flux Nail series was developed to accommodate a wider variety of non standardized vapor domes and rigs. By shortening the nail from both points of center, we increase the amount of small vapor domes, or short down stems the M-Class Flux Nail can work with. Slightly cheaper than traditional Flux Nails, the M-Class is a great choice. The only consideration is that with the M-Class Flux Nail, the nail head and subsequent torch flame will be positioned closer to the glass ground joint than it would be with a traditional Flux Nail. The M-Class is only available in the Standard dish (flat).

 Proudly designed and machined in the USA.

Product Specs

  • Joint Sex: Designed for Male Joints
  • Joint Size: 14mm 
  • Material: ASTM B348 Gr2 Ti / SiO2
  • Dish Outer Diameter: 11.2mm
  • Dish Inner Diameter 8.3mm