Storage Solutions

Everything You Need to Keep Your Stuff Safe and Secure

What takes care of you on a daily basis? Your dabs, rigs, bowls, pipes and other glass pieces. Take care of them.

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We’ve created a comprehensive collection of storage including silicone concentrate jars, curing tins, hard shell cases with custom foam, locking storage, vacuum seals and more. Use our filters to determine that storage that is designed to meet your needs. You’ll be able to find the ideal way of storing your material or items.
Herb storage is a serious issue since improper storage of your flower can result in loss of potency and even mold; a particularly critical matter for medicinal patients. Make sure you’re giving your flower and concentrates the respect they deserve with specially designed packaging and stash cases that protect your herb from UV light, oxygen, moisture and other atmospheric conditions that can zap it of its freshness.
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NoGoo Nonstick Containers 5pkColor-Assorted NoGoo Nonstick Containers 5pkClear NoGoo Nonstick Containers 5pkGlow-in-the-Dark Sold out

NoGoo Nonstick Containers 5pk

$ 12.50
NoGoo Plastic Shell Silicone Wax Wallet, Containers by NoGoo available on Dab Nation

NoGoo Plastic Shell Silicone Wax Wallet

$ 12.50
NoGoo Blue Wax Storage Jar, Containers by NoGoo available on Dab Nation Sold out

NoGoo Blue Wax Storage Jar

$ 3.25