Highlight Stash Jars- Adam iLL edition BLACK

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$ 30.00

A Higher Class Way to Display Your Bud

If you're looking for a nug jar with clout, the special Adam iLL Highlight LED Stash Jar more than delivers. Built-in LED illumination reflects off the etched Adam iLL face logo emblazoned across the glass for an effect that's as fresh as your flower. And speaking of fresh flower, there's no better way to lock in the dankness than with one of these airtight glass storage jars. 

Highlight LED nug jars are the perfect choice for showing off your bestest buds to your bestest buds. With 5 x magnification and the built-in LEDs, you'll have so much detail, you can start naming your trichomes. So, if you're still keeping your herb in cheap jars or plastic pop top bottles (yikes!), just look to your man Adam iLL for a higher class form of storage, whaaaaaat! 

  • Etched Adam iLL face logo on the side of the jar
  • LED illumination puts your prize flower on the display it deserves
  • 5 x magnification to bring out every detail of your nugs
  • Airtight screw top design