Chachie Rodriguez x R3G15 Tye-Dye Chali Collab 14 mm Rig

by Chachie Rodriguez Glassworks
$ 1,200.00

The Swiss Army Knife Of Dab Rigs

Chachie Rodriguez and R3G15 collaborated to bring together this Tye-Dye Chali. Featuring R3G15 Prepped mid section and Chachies classic Chali design, this piece is what happens when two great makes come together on one dab rig. This 8 piece set allows you to turn this dab rig into a flower bubbler in seconds and  comes with a whip attachment for lounged bowl hits or dabs. 

  • Includes: Chali, Bubble Cap, Slide, Flower Downstem, Dab Downstem, 2 straws, Whip Attachment
  • 14mm Joint size