Hitman Glass Carta Attachment - Sidecar - Clear

by Hitman Glass
$ 400.00
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A Sidecar Attachment for Your Main Portable Dab Rig

The Carta Sidecar Attachment from Hitman Glass fits right atop your Carta Vape Rig for new heights in portable dabbing decadence. You thought the Carta Vape Rig offered a smooth dabbing experience on its own, but this sidecar attachment takes it to another level. While the Carta pumps out silky hits on its own, the built-in perc of this sidecar attachment makes those hits even finer while really allowing flavors to come to the forefront. The result is a rig that still packs the punch you want but with unparalleled satiny plumes of flavor. It’s basically like having all of the benefits of a top-quality Hitman sidecar wax rig with the portable convenience of the Carta Vape Rig.  

  • Comfortable sidecar mouthpiece
  • Built-in perc