Callaghan Kid Layback Recycler Rigs - Clear w/ Color Accent

by Callaghan Kid
$ 300.00
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A Laidback Rig for a Laidback Sesh

Recycle in style (and plenty of comfort) with the Callaghan Kid Layback Recycler Rig. You know the rig's going to be good when it's already got its own gangsta lean going on. This beautiful piece from Callaghan Kid artfully produces silky clouds of wax vapor with the smoothness you want from a quality recycler rig, all presented through that perfectly pivoted mouthpiece to keep your comfort at its optimum. Tasteful accents of colored glass add a touch of personality, making this recycler a classy, comfortable, high performance addition to any respectable glass collection.

  • Recycler rig design
  • Pivoting mouthpiece for comfort
  • Colored glass accents