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Dab Nation wants to provide the dab connoisseur with a special handpicked selection of dab rigs. We, at Dab Nation, provide special selections of dab rigs online. Visit the website and find your desired piece of dab rigs at available at reasonable prices. Dab Rigs, known also as concentrate pipes or oil rigs, are available from special glass blowers in partnership with Dab Nation. Show more

All glass has been selected by #teamSHO featuring low water lines, with scientific and heady features including full color or color accented rigs to suit any dab devotee. 

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The term rig refers to a modified water pipe. It’s much like a traditional bong but with a “nail” attachment that’s heated up with a torch rather than a bowel filled with flower. Instead, the extract is placed on the hot nail to vaporize, but otherwise a rig is like a typical bong. Our online glass rig shop provides pieces for the most important factors, size, or volume, of your rig. Larger rigs will have a smoother pull, but smaller ones will have a more intense hit with more flavor. Ultimately it’s down to personal preference, so check out our range to find the dab rigs for sale that fits your set up. 

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GRAV® 7"  Circuit Rig - Clear, Rigs by GravLabs available on Dab Nation Sold out

GRAV® 7" Circuit Rig - Clear

$ 84.99
5" GRAV® Circuit Rig - Clear

GRAV® 5" Circuit Rig - Clear

$ 74.99