iDab Directional Carb Cap

by iDab
$ 24.99
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Directional Air Flow

iDab directional carb cap comes with a unique design that allows you to direct the airflow right into the corners of your quartz banger making sure that it moves around any leftover concentrate.

By doing this, it is certain that all of your concentrates will be vaporized leaving nothing wasted. The angled airflow slit that is on the bottom will allow you to reach all of the edges of your nail so you are able to push puddles around for even vaporization.

This is hands down one of the most effective carb caps styles you will get and works well with quartz banger nails.

Product Specs:

  • Height: 3" inches
  • Material: German Schott Boro Glass
  • Style: Flat Carb Cap and Rounded Dabber Tip
  • Type: Carb Cap and Dabber
  • Clear