Glass Lung Mason Jar Hookah Bong

by Glass Lung
$ 45.00
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If You've Had a Cocktail Out of a Mason Jar, You Can Smoke Out of One Too

The Glass Lung Mason Jar Hookah Bong offers a rustic take on the traditional hookah bong with the base chamber being comprised of an authentic mason jar. It works the same way as a classic hookah bong, but the generously sized mason jar allows for huge hits while a ring perc irons them out. It's easy to clean and maintain this water pipe since it fully disassembles into its individual components. It even features a magnetic lighter holder that's perfect for lighters, dab tools, and other metal accessories. 

  • Built-in magnet for holding lighter/dab tool
  • Ring percolator for smooth hits
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning
  • Replaceable jar
  • Hookah hose included
  • 14mm bowl piece included