Empire Glassworks Beehive Nano Rig w/ Bowl Piece

by Empire Glassworks
$ 180.00

People will swarm to this

This beaker-style wax pipe uses an original heady glass design to create the perfect piece for those who can't get enough of that honey. Standing at a compact 5.5", this mini dab rig produces potent puffs. With intricate glass recreating a bee hive in heat-resistant borosilicate, it's an eye-catching addition to any glass collection. This wax rig is equipped with a 14mm reinforced stemless arm and includes a matching 14mm beehive bowl piece to keep you buzzing. 

Product Specs:

Mini Beaker Bee Hive-Themed Tube 
14mm Reinforced Stemless Arm
14mm Beehive Bowl Piece
    Height: 5.5" 
    Base Diameter: 2.5"
    Weight: 177.62 Grams