Top Ten Stoner Movies of All Time



It’s Friday night and all the bars and clubs are still closed. So, you decide it’s a good idea to spark up and watch a movie. Everyone knows that deciding which movie to watch can be a grueling task. That’s why we are here to help. These are some of our selections which we think pair with bud like a fine wine with some nice cheese. Without further ado the nominees for the Top 10 Stoner Movies of All Time:


True romance: 

This is the story of a nerd and a prostitute who fall in love, their relationship becomes even more complex when the prostitute kills her pimp and the boy stumbles upon a suitcase full of cocaine. The couple hit the road and chaos ensues.


Soul plane:

After a nightmare flight which results in the death of his beloved pet, Nasahwn Wade (Kevin Hart) wins a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the airline. He decides to start his own airline with his new business partner Captain Mack (Snoop Dogg). This movie will certainly take you for a ride. 


On a Friday a man gets fired for stealing cardboard boxes, to add insult to injury his rent is due, he can’t stand his girlfriend, and his best friend owes their drug dealer money. Throughout the day the pair goes through some crazy adventures, making it an unforgettable Friday. 

How high:

Jamal (Redman) and Silas (Method Man) smoke some magical stuff, and as a result ace their entrance exams and wind up at Harvard. Jamal and Silas adapt to the Ivy League lifestyle, until their magical stuff runs out. The two then have to figure out how to get by without supernatural help. Smoke that magic stuff before you watch this one. 

Pineapple Express:

When regular stoner Dale Denton
(Seth Rogen) drops his roach of the highly sought-after Pineapple Express at the scene of a crime, him and his drug dealer go on the run being closely followed by a dangerous kingpin and some crooked cops. Light up that Pineapple express before you give this one a watch


Cabin Boy:

When a young snobby schoolboy mistakes a boat dubbed “Filthy Whore” for his father’s yacht he joins a dirty fisherman for some debauchery on the sea. Smoke a doob and set sail with this hilarious flick.


Inherent Vice:

When the cannabis loving private investigator gets approached by his ex, pleading for his help he must navigate a world of surfers, stoners, and police in order to solve the case. Maybe take a dab to help you understand this one.



The Night Before:

As a group of lifelong friends prepare for their final Christmas Eve celebration before adulthood, they plan a night of pandemonium in search of the Nutcracka Ball, the ultimate Christmas party.


Smiley Face:

Struggling actress and pothead Jane has a very busy day ahead of her, when she eats her roommates infused cupcakes, she embarks on a series of hazy adventures in Los Angeles from paying the bills to going to auditions. This LA story is one many struggling actors can relate to.


Under the Silver Lake:

When a mysterious young woman Sam found in his swimming suddenly vanishes, he goes on a smoke-filled adventure around Los Angeles trying to locate the girl.

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