Precision Dabs Every Time with the Terpometer

Unparalleled accuracy courtesy of the Terpometer: Dab Thermometer and concentrate tool in one. 

Dabbing has evolved immensely in the last decade. Gone are the old DIY hot knives and handmade skillets, the now are commercially available dab tools and rigs that are tailor made for vaping cannabis concentrates. 
The Terpometer precision dab thermometer is the newest gizmo on the block. This elegant and intuitive tool is designed to make hitting the perfectly terpene-loaded dab a breeze. 

Exact Temperatures
As most dabbers will know, using a thermometer to hit the perfect temperature is critical for maximizing the effects and flavor of cannabis concentrates. What sets the Terpometer apart from the crowd is that it's specifically calibrated to read the temps of banger and nail materials like quartz, titanium and ceramic. That means that this little guy will give you more accurate temperatures than any other thermometer on the market. 

Timing Drop 

Even if you’re a veteran dabber, finding that perfect window for dropping your dab on a heated nail or banger can be challenging, especially when you’re juggling blowtorches, stopwatches, IR guns, and dab tools all at the same time. With the Terpometer monitoring in real time, you’ll know exactly when to drop as the screen lights up green. Thanks to that constant temperature readout you’ll never risk overheating and chazzing your glass.

All-in-one Dab Tool
Not only is the Terpometer an accurate thermometer, but it's also a premium dab tool. Monitor the temperature with one end, and when it's time to go, flip the Terpometer over and move straight to picking up your concentrate with the integrated dab tool. Best yet, a variety of interchangeable dab tool heads are available for handling any concentrate consistency.

The Perfect Dab
Hitting an exact temperature at precisely the right time will make the difference between a good dab, and a great one. Stop taking stabs in the dark when it comes to your dabs, dump those unreliable timers and IR temp guns, because with a Terpometer  precision dab thermometer you’ll get the accuracy a perfect dab session demands. 

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