Focus V Carta Laser Edition - the Future of Dabbing Today?

Already widely held as the best portable dabber on the market today, the Focus V CARTA has already been improved. How? The Laser Edition with its acid green color profile and LED lights makes a style statement on an already impressive e-rig. Even before you take a hit, you'll feel like your senses have been overwhelmed.

There is substance as well as form with the CARTA Laser Edition, too — with almost endless setup arrangements via the smartphone app, you can super fine-tune your dabbing according to the concentrate you have and the hit you want!

Four Presets

Let’s go straight under the hood of the CARTA Laser portable dabber and look at what this baby can do straight out of the box.

After putting water in the chamber, you put your concentrate or weed in the bowl. Hit the power button five times to fire it up, and when the lights flash twice, you use the power button to select the temperature.

The four factory preset temperatures range from 600°F to 940°F, with one light the lowest and all four the highest temperature. It will get to temperature in 10-12 seconds, and then you take your hit — whack!

The two 18350 batteries can be recharged on USB and will give you and a friend or two more than enough juice to get all the cannabinoids you need into your system. On the CARTA Laser Edition, you will see it glow green as you go, too.

Bluetooth App Makes It a Science

The engineers at Focus V wanted you to be able to do far more than just take the dabber out of the box and get your hit. This is a machine for connoisseurs!

One of the big reasons you’ll love the Focus V CARTA Laser Edition is that it reliably produces clouds of super flavorful vapor. Different concentrates like different heats. Terp diamonds, for example, require much higher heat than hash.

You can quickly connect your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) via Bluetooth to the machine after downloading the app via the Focus V website. Now you can start tweaking!

The app allows you to simply control the parameters of temperature and heating time — and then save them to the e-rig. Let’s imagine you wanted to refine the flavor you get of a specific batch of bubble hash that likes a temperature range of 500°-540°F. Where’s the sweet spot on this batch? You can set the lights, 1-4

between these temps to find it in 10° increments. You should hit the jackpot after an enjoyable hit or three!

You can also adjust the times of the hits. For example, you can do some test hits of 2-3s to assess the taste. When you find the sweet spot temp, just set the timer for 20s per hit to get the perfect draw of your chosen concentrate.

All This on Something So Cool to Look At?

You got it! If the CARTA Laser was a human, it would be a supermodel with a PhD in giving pleasure! Just as much fun in the dark with its lights as it is in broad daylight with its color scheme, the CARTA Laser lets you refine the flavor you get out of the concentrate or bud a few degrees at a time for the ultimate experience.

And yes, this is a machine that is easily cleaned with a quick wipe of the bowl so the flavor isn’t tainted from repeated use. Look after this beauty, and it will look after you well without losing its first love glow.

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