Creative Dabbers Perfectly Balance Fashion and Function

You don’t have to be about that heady life to recognize that it’s way more fun to use a dabber shaped like a lollipop or a samurai sword than to use a bare bones titanium dab tool. Over the years, we’ve had some truly boundary-breaking dab tool designs on our shelves that could easily complement the headiest of our rigs. But heady doesn’t often mean comfortable or convenient. Today we’re going to take a look at some unique dabbers that have way more style than a basic dabber but lend themselves to premium comfort and control. 


Cellini & Co. Give You Something to Hold Onto

Cellini & Co. have crafted the handles of their dabbers from so many different materials, it almost seems easier to list everything that hasn’t been used. Each handle is truly a unique work of art, fashioned from substances as diverse as brass and epoxy, opal and wood, even some handles that mix different materials together. They are then etched with intricate details and patterns, further defining the artistry and skill that characterizes Cellini & Co. The result is a comfortable handle with a secure grip that looks even better than it feels. Of course, there’s more to these dab tools than just a fancy handle. Cellini & Co. dabbers typically culminate in a stainless steel flathead design perfect for scraping and scooping, giving you plenty of control. 


Captive Elements Offer a Dabber with a Twist

If you’re looking for a dabber with its own creative twist, look no further than the eye-catching scoops and shovels being crafted by Captive Elements. These dab tools feature a literally twisted neck that is then reinforced through anodization, strengthening the heat-resistant metal while also creating a veneer of vibrant, shifting color. But the metallic rainbow of the anodized tool head is just a primer for what’s going on with Captive Elements’ handles. Cosmic patterns of kaleidoscopic color fully saturate the cubic resin mold handles, each one creating a unique, ethereal vista that provides plenty of visual inspiration for your sesh. 


Hand Carved Helpers from Mystic Timber

Looking for something a bit more rustic? You can’t beat the look and the feel of a Mystic Timber dab tool. This Northwest New Jersey-based company uses sustainable tropical and North American hardwoods to create the handles of their dabbers. Since each handle is hand-carved right here in the U.S.A., there are variations even within the different models resulting in each dabber being unique. Each Mystic Timber dab tool is saturated with quality. After beveling and buffing the wood,the artist treats the handle with a special eco-friendly non-toxic wax that gives the handle a smooth, healthy finish. Mystic Timber offers a variety of toolheads, each crafted from high quality grade 2 titanium for ruggedness and heat-resistance.    


Let’s Go Kazy

Kazy Glass take a radically different approach from the other dab tools on this list by fashioning glass into a point perfect for really sticky, tenacious material. The glass material lends to a more complementary look for a glass dab rig than a metal dabber and won’t scratch your other glass pieces as easily. But what really brings these Kazy dab tools to another level is the incorporation of genuine bismuth into the handle. If you’re unfamiliar with bismuth, it’s a naturally occurring metal with a bronze-ish coloring but the surface of the bismuth used in these dab tools has been oxidized to bring out the metal’s natural iridescence. The result falls somewhere between raw and regal, making the Kazy dabber an impressive addition to any collection. Bismuth is also believed in some spiritual circles to aid in transportation between the physical and astral plane, which could come in handy during your sesh!

In our experience, the dab tools that find that perfect balance between fashion and function are the ones that lend to the most satisfying sesh time and time again. Don’t get us wrong; we still love the really heady dabbers that look like swords, tentacles and dragons, but when the novelty wears off, you should be left with a tool that isn’t just functional but gives you a solid sense of control. All of the dab tools on our list give you masterful control while providing visual aesthetics that run from pastoral to cosmic. It’s hard to walk away from a win/win situation like that! 

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