Activities To Do After a Dab Sesh: Autumn Edition

Ok, you’ve dabbed your sweet concentrate and you’re wonderfully high, now what? There’s a huge misconception that all you can do while high is sit on the couch and watch movies or play video games. While these are fun, cannabis is actually put to a much better use when paired with physical activity. So, with Fall upon us, it’s time to get high, get active and enjoy the last of the good weather.


Cannabis and the great outdoors are a match made in heaven. One of the best things to do after a dab sesh is go for a hike. The clean air, beautiful nature and stimulating physical activity are all enhanced with cannabis. Plus, with the changing colors of Fall, you could enjoy some leaf peeping at the same time. Just remember to take lots of water, know your route and leave nothing behind.

Work Out

Contrary to popular belief, one of the best things to do while high is exercise. Cannabis makes you feel both loose and relaxed but also focused, which is perfect for working out. It helps with locking your mind onto exercises and overcoming mental barriers, allowing you to do a couple more reps or run that extra bit. Best of all, cannabis alleviates the boredom and monotony that can sink in with regular or extended workouts.


Why not turn a walk into an adventure? With the Geocaching App, you can join the world’s largest treasure hunt. Using your phone’s GPS, go hunting for hidden treasure around your area. There are over 3 million “geocaches” stashed around the globe just waiting for you to find them.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Take advantage of some traditional seasonal events like visiting a pumpkin patch. Go pick out a pumpkin and enjoy some farm activities along the way, you might even find some animals to pet. Come on… it’s not just for kids. And best of all, you get to carve your own pumpkin ready for Halloween.

Get Lost in a Corn Maze

Another Fall tradition is to go and explore a corn maze. They spring up all over the country in the harvest season so don’t miss the opportunity. Grab some friends, get high and then go and get lost in a field.

Go Apple Picking

This time of year, apple picking is another classic weekend outing that can only be enhanced by a quick sesh first. Apples are grown in every state in America so everyone should be able to find an orchard to visit. Pick as many as you can carry and then take them home to make apple pie for those post dab munchies.

Play Games in The Park

What’s better than hanging out in the park with friends? Remember, moderate exercise enhances the high so play a game like frisbee or soccer, you could even try to fly a kite. Go and enjoy the outdoors and obviously take a picnic with you.

So, there’s a few adventurous activities for you to try post dab session this Fall. Whether it be hiking, exercising or just visiting places, try getting active and let cannabis enhance the experience.

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